Q: How do I get the KOOL Digital Edition app?
A: Download it from the app store.

Q: What content is included in the app?
A: The app includes the free edition of Kool magazine. Each digital edition of Kool offers content such as photos, exclusive videos, stories, interactive content and more.

Q: Does the issue expire?
A: No. Once you download an issue you will have access to the content from your app for as long as you keep the app.

Q: Can I subscribe to the app?
A: Yes. You can subscribe to KOOL from the App Store on your iPad. The subscription is absolutely FREE!

Q: Will the app run on my iPhone/Android/BlackBerry Smartphone?
A: No. The KOOL iPad app is designed for a larger screen. It hasn’t been designed for smartphones.

For any more questions or comments about the app, please email us at support@koolworks.gr